Zen Blogger Template

The Zen Blogger Template is based on "Zenlike" by NodeThirtyThree and adapted for Blogger by BlogandWeb.

It is released under a Creative Commons License (CCA 2.5) so it is totally free (just remember to give some credit, by linking back to NodeThirtyThree and BlogandWeb.

This template has a menu to customize to your taste, that can be changed by going to "Layout" from the Dashboard and then to "Edit HTML". Then change "#" for your preferred links and Save.

The template also has defined some variables to change the colors from the panel.

Below a list of other templates by NodeThirtyThree as well as links to download them:

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Addison said...

Simple but elegant! Can you let me know about the compatibility of this template.
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Susan said...

I really like this template, but I keep getting "Server not found" every time I try to download.