Blueprint-WP is a free Wordpress theme designed by Josh Sowin and based upon the Blueprint CSS Framework. It is built on a grid-based design, it is cross-browser compatible, easy modifiable through CSS and has a clean look


  • Built on the new Blueprint CSS framework, thus:
    • Easy to change column widths
    • Easy to add columns that are cross-browser compatible
    • Cross-browser typography and grids
    • Small size (~8k)
  • Wordpress Specific
    • Easy to install and modify
    • Compatible with Wordpress widget function
    • Wordpress 2.2 compatible
  • Design
    • Easily modify layout through custom css
    • Compatible with all major browsers
    • Clean and simple look
    • Quick page loading


  1. Download the latest version.
  2. Put the archive in your wp-content/themes directory and extract it.
  3. Go into your Wordpress Admin section, click the “Presentation” tab, and choose the “Blueprint-WP” theme.
  4. That’s it!
A subversion checkout is coming soon.


To customize the layout, copy the blueprint/css/custom.sample.css to custom.css and put your CSS overrides there. Then open up blueprint/header.php and uncomment the custom CSS line.


Recommended Plugins

Blueprint Theme should work with all WP plugins, but here are a few that are specially recommend by the author:


This theme has been released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.
That means you can share it and modify it as long as you keep the link to Josh Sowin's site at the bottom of the theme. If you do not want a link at the bottom, please contact Josh Sowin.

Blueprint Updates

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