Templates for Business Websites

No one will doubt these days that having a website promoting your business is the single most important piece of marketing you can invest on. And probably one of the cheapest as well. For an affordable price tag websites can be as complex as you want them to be, from a simple brochure-like site with a few contact details and perhaps a Google Map, to complete e-commerce Content Management Systems where you can actually sell your products across the globe.

All websites, as far as web design and development are concerned, can be divided into two main areas, presentation and functionality. Of the two, presentation is arguably the most important, because it is what your visitors will get their first impression from, and what will ultimately convince them to further explore the site and engage with whatever you have on offer there. It is estimated that visitors make up their minds on whether to stay longer within the first five seconds of landing.

By choosing the right template businesses can create a professional-looking web space quickly and painlessly, that can be further customized if desired with the help of web designers and web developers. And if you're using a Content Management System such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc, functionality will always be there, scalable and extendable with the use of specialized plug-ins that can turn your website into any type of web application imaginable.

Among the biggest advantages of starting up with a pre-made template are that you can choose the one you like from a huge library like the ones we offer below. Most of the time clients don't have a clear idea of what kind the layout, but they know what they like when they see it. By seeing them in action it helps to visualize what they would look like when applied to their own websites, resulting in tremendous time savings.

The other main advantage is that they can be applied without need for high technical knowledge, and in many cases most basic options such as changing logos, headers, sidebars or footers can be tweaked from within a user-friendly back-end. In those cases, experience with HTML/CSS code and website development are not required, and most people with average technical skills are able to perform some basic personalization of their websites.

Later on, if you outgrow the basic business website type, you will probably want to have some unique features and design elements which will attract visitors. In that case you will also benefit from having chosen a Content Management System with a pre-made template, because they can be further adapted without too much difficulty.

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