YouTube Themes

YouTube only allows you to edit a few aspects of your channel layout.
You can change the background color, box colors, border colors, and link colors.

There is however a way to customize your channel by using a combination of background colors and a background image:

  1. Under Advanced Design Customization section locate the 'Background Image' section, and click the 'Browse' button.
  2. Find an image that you'd like to appear as your Channel's background and select the file.
  3. Don't forget to click the 'Update Channel' button to save your changes!
You can then click the 'View your public channel' hyperlink (in the top right hand corner of the page) to see the edits you made on your channel.

Check out this cool YouTube background made by SuperSonicShot. featureing neon psychedelic flowers.

  1. Download the YouTube background by right clicking the image above and saving it to your computer. 
  2. Upload the image as your background on YouTube. 
  3. Optionally, copy over the following color codes below to complete the design:
Background color: Black (#000000)
Wrapper color: Black
Wrapper text color: White (#FFFFFF)
Wrapper link color: #5aeaea

Color Palletes
Background color: Black
Title text color: White
Link color: #20597e
Body text color: #698fa0

More YouTube Themes here:

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