Atahualpa Theme

CMS: WordPress
Theme Author: Bytes For All
Columns: 1-5
Color: White
Widget Ready: Yes
License: Creative Commons Share Alike

Atahualpa Theme screenshot

The Atahualpa Theme allows you to completely customize the design of your WordPress installation to your own taste.

It is just a regular WP template that can be customized without meddling with the code.
Remember that I posted about WordPress CSS frameworks? Well, this is a much simpler solution that will cover 95% of our actual needs.

And the amount of customization allows for professional-looking fine-tuning. Virtually everything can be customized.
See some Atahualpa Customization samples:
- Baby Flash Cards - TVTopten You can also test the Atahualpa Theme at the following link:

Test Drive Atahualpa 2.21

In order to customize the template you don't have to be a programmer and although some of the advanced options do require some coding, the authors provides you with embedded helpful hints to set you in the right direction.

Atahualpa Theme Options

You can design your own header graphic and upload one or more - the Atahualpa theme has a built-in header rotating function if you want to use it. You can have an area above the header graphic (or below it) for your company logo, RSS and comments feed and a search box. You can style this area to blend into the outer background or you can give it a style of its own and make it stand out.

You can choose where to put the page and or category menus and style their lines and colors. You can make the top level link clickable, or make it non-clickable thus forcing your readers to choose from a drop-down menu.

You can have a solid color for the off-page background or, if you prefer something more jazzy, you can upload your own image.

You can use a fluid width which adjusts to the width of your reader's screen, or you can use a fixed width of your choice.

You can have from 1 to 5 columns. You can choose which pages each of the sidebars is displayed on.
The design of the widgets is akso totally customizable. Choose to blend them into the background or make them stand out. You have control over the colors, lines and spacing.
The center column can be customized on its background colors, lines, kicker and header styles, next and previous navigation.

Within the theme you can also decide whether to display full posts or extracts on the front page - and have control over the length of extracts displayed.

You can style the footer area, adding in your own links and also add extracts of HTML code before the /body tag - perfect for adding your statistics monitoring.

Below all of the Atahualpa Theme Options that can be found under the Appearance Tab:

Atahualpa Body, Text and Links

Atahualpa Layout

Atahualpa Favicon

Atahualpa Header
  • Header Logo
  • Atahualpa Header Fonts
  • Header Styling
  • Atahualpa Header Images
  • Atahualpa Header Rotator
  • Opacity
  • Atahualpa Header Opacity
  • Atahualpa Header Opacity Right

Atahualpa Page Menu Bar

Atahualpa Category Menu Bar

Atahualpa Next/Previous Navigation

Atahualpa Sidebars

Atahualpa Widgets

Atahualpa Footer
  • Atahualpa Copyright


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